About Us

Our Mission.

Dark Humor Cards is intended for the sole-purpose of adding shock-and-awe back to special occasions, gift giving, anniversaries, birthdays, and/or just regular wing Wednesdays.

Our Website.

Started in 2020, we were just a small start up shop based out of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. In 2024, we moved our operations to San Francisco, CA. Dark Humor Cards is created for the sole purpose providing people with more options when selecting greeting cards, and giving those of us that have a darker sense of humor with options

... and to sustain our full blown alcoholism and traveling habits.  

Our Promise.

Dark Humor Cards will strive to fill your orders in a timely fashion, answer any questions you might have, resolve any issues, or fill any special requests.

... also, whatever the case may be, rest assured that your money will be spent on debauchery.